Soft Palette for Spring Summer 2015

Now that Fall and Winter is over, its time to turn a new leaf and embrace the new season that is Spring. Spring brings with it a breath of fresh air; literally and figuratively… Continue reading

SS15 Jewelry trend : Choker

Chokers has been around for a few decades now, especially in the predominant 90’s when it was ultra cool to wear chokers to any and every event imaginable. Fast forward to recent years,… Continue reading

Quote by Giorgio Armani

A Memorable Lasting Impression Demands To Be Remembered

Stylish Rucksacks

Rucksacks also known as backpacks is now entering the realms of fashion haven. The traditional high school- college backpacks has now been transformed into beautiful stylish pieces that can be worn by anyone… Continue reading

Trend Tip: Pastel Coats

Usually Pastels are reserved for Spring and has been reappearing in designer’s Spring/Summer Collections over the past few years. However, there has been a shift in the season to wear these soft shades.… Continue reading

Skirt or Dress over pants?

This is a trend that’s been spotted one to many times. Skirt or Dress over Pants? Sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but rest assure that it works! During the cool temperatures… Continue reading

Zara Ankle Boots

These Zara leather ankle boots are definitely like no other. Usually with boots, zips are placed at the sides, but with these bad boys, the zip is placed right at the center, giving… Continue reading

How to wear : Culottes

Culottes are one of those clothing items that have you wondering, huh? They’re neither long nor short trousers and can sometimes resemble a skirt. The wide voluminous cropped length of the culottes makes it… Continue reading

Saint Laurent Fringed Emmanuelle Bucket Bag

This gorgeous Saint Laurent Emmanuelle bag in black leather is definitely a standout piece. The distinctive layers of fringes around the bucket bag is a unique design aesthetic that is not seen very… Continue reading

Trend Tip: Statement Ear Cuffs

Use a non-traditional accessory such as a Statement Ear Cuff to create an edgy vibe to your look

Just Do it!

In order for you to grow in any aspect of your life, you gotta step out of your comfort zone and just do it!

Monochromatic White Outfit

Ever thought on just wearing one colour from head-to-toe, but wasn’t sure if you should? Why not just give it a try by wearing a monochromatic white outfit. No mixing and matching of colours,… Continue reading

Fashion Quote by Rachel Zoe

Your style and the way you carry yourself is the easiest way to explain who you are without having to say a word

Trend Tip: Stripes – Summer Staple Item

 Wear Black & White stripes or Blue & White stripes for a casually chic summer look.

Denim on Denim

The denim on denim trend has been around for a while now. That’s the trend where you pair two denim clothing items together to create a double denim look. To some this may… Continue reading

Night out

Night out by stylelegance featuring short skirts

Are bodysuits returning?

Bodysuits has been around for a while now, but seems to be re-appearing as of lately. The bodysuit comes in handy if you want to achieve that streamline silhouette. The best thing about… Continue reading

The Slit

Take a different approach to the traditional skirt or dress and try something with a slit. The slit is one way to show off some skin and radiate sex-appeal in comparison to its classic counterpart.… Continue reading

Prints Remixed

There are many prints in different colours and shapes. Some may shy away from wearing prints, while others embrace it. Incorporating prints adds a bit of edge and excitement to any outfit. We… Continue reading

Basic use of colours

Since its Summer, why not add some bright colours into your wardrobe. Try experimenting with different colours to find out which colours suits you best. If you are new to exploring colours, start… Continue reading

Graphic Black & White

There are many Spring/Summer 2014 trends out. One in particular that stood out is the Graphic Black & White Print . The colours black & white are versatile, sleek and timeless. You can never… Continue reading

Fashion Style

Your Fashion Style is something that should be personal and unique. It should reflect who you are as a person. Following fashion trends are fine as long as you mix it with your… Continue reading

Give a girl the right shoes..

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe This quote was the inspiration behind the name of this site. It can sometimes be daunting trying to find… Continue reading