Denim on Denim

The denim on denim trend has been around for a while now. That’s the trend where you pair two denim clothing items together to create a double denim look. To some this may be a fashion faux pas, but what’s fashion without some risks!

The denim shirt with jeans is the classic route to go in order to achieve that double denim look.


Everyone owns at least two or three different denim items in their closet. So why not mix and match those items with other clothing items to take a fresh approach to this trend.  Ever thought on more ways you can wear the denim on denim trend other than the classic look above? Here’s a compilation of  other ways you can wear the double denim trend.

1) Denim shirt and jeans with white blazer


2) Denim shirt & jeans with coat


denim trench coat

denim and coat


3) Denim shirt with denim skirt


4) Denim shirt with denim overall




5) Double denim with fur

joint double denim fur

6) Double denim with leather

denim leather3

double leather leopard

double denim leather3

The denim on denim trend has no boundaries. Denim is versatile and goes well with pretty much everything. Don’t be scared to push the envelop when trying this trend.  Get your denim items ready and start mixing!