Skirt or Dress over pants?

This is a trend that’s been spotted one to many times. Skirt or Dress over Pants? Sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but rest assure that it works! During the cool temperatures this may come in handy to keep you warm as well as give you extra Fall layering options. Here are a few ways you can wear any skirt or dress over your pants.

1) Wear a split skirt with leather pants for an edgy, chic look.

skirt over pants

 2) Pair a sweater dress with your fav jeans.


3) For a night out, wear a strapless A-line dress over fitted pants.

4) Pair your fav office dress with black or navy pants for an office appropriate look.

office look

5) Use a statement skirt like the one below and pair it with  leather or white pants.


These are just some ways you can wear a skirt or dress over pants. Be creative and try out some other combos. Would you dare to wear a skirt or dress over pants?